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What is Zen Chi Ryu

Zen Chi Ryu is “The Way of the Strong Mind”. It is the ultimate martial art. Designed for twentieth century living, it is intended to develop the whole person.

Zen Chi Ryu is the art of confidence – not just in combat, but in everyday life.

Zen Chi Ryu is for everyone: men, women and children. Age or physical handicaps do not matter. Within the Zen Chi system there is a branch suited to each type of student. For men, the emphasis is on combat and physical conditioning. Women learn graceful movements, relaxation and self-control, as well as effective self-defence. Children avoid the more dangerous techniques and concentrate on co-ordination, physical development and character building.

Unlike many of the classical martial arts, Zen Chi Ryu is not a rigid system. It permits each student to develop as he or she wishes. No one is forced into a rigid mould or expected to do things of which their body is incapable.
Zen Chi Ryu teaches the most effective form of physical self-defence there is. It is the perfect system for mental self-defence. While students learn to protect themselves physically, they also learn to defend themselves against the non-physical assaults of everyday living. They learn a new self-confidence and eliminate self-doubt and negative self-images.

Zen Chi Ryu is a way of maximizing one’s potential – physically, mentally and emotionally.

The way we achieve this is primarily through the confidence you receive.

Zen Chi Ryu is not a military way of training. We do not tell you to stop your way of life but encourage you to live it.


History of Zen Chi Ryu

Zen Chi Ryu is a modern Martial Art with traditional values. It is not an elegant demonstration sport, but an original Australian Martial Art, developed from real life experiences by the legendary Tom Slaven in the 1970′s. It may be the most street effective fighting style available today. Despite its recent origins, the pedigree of Zen Chi is impeccable, being derived from the ancient Kempo style of Okinawa.

On the surface, Zen Chi can be seen as a unique form of self defence, while at a deeper level its practitioners strive towards a level of enlightenment that comes through the fusion of mind and body into an ego-less fighting spirit.

Our students are not bound by dogma or methodology, but are encouraged to adapt skills to real life situations that call for immediate, automatic and effective action. All students develop the confidence to cope in the myriad self defence scenarios that can, and do confront us in our everyday lives.

Zen Chi Ryu, on a physical level is not one particular style of fighting. It is an open-minded philosophy that embraces opportunities to research and adopt any technique or concept that serves constant improvement on the current level of practice.

Zen Chi Ryu is about realizing your true potential.

The formula for success is simple: Conceive + Believe = Achieve.

Objectives of Zen Chi Ryu

1. Providing instruction in the Martial Art known as Zen Chi Ryu in a safe environment.
2. Developing, in every student, the mental and physical tools for improving personal safety and security.
3. Developing positive self-esteem and self-confidence in every student.
4. Promoting good health and vitality.
5. Creating expertise in confrontation management.
6. Promoting practitioners of Zen Chi Ryu as positive role models in the community.
7. Developing healthy community attitudes and values.
8. Promoting a positive, respectful image.


Our Future

Mission Statement
A dynamic organisation of highly skilled, Government accredited instructors committed to educating, motivating and developing students of all ages in the Martial Art that is Zen Chi Ryu.

Vision Statement
An even greater organisation of instructors and students committed to personal development and the promotion of Zen Chi Ryu, together striving for a common goal:

First in Coaching, First in Competition














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